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Timecode link generator for YouTube

#2024 #youtube #ui
Here is a project I sat on for quite some time! As a complete YouTube addict, I like sharing video links with a timecode to show stuff to my friends. YouTube makes this easy to do on desktop, but for some reason there is no way to do it in their app or even on their mobile website.

I made this little tool as a replacement for what YouTube should have done years ago. You can easily add the timecode to whatever video you want, and it will even fetch the thumbnail and title. 🖼

I had wanted to do it for years but never really got to it. Back in 2021, I made some mockups of what the project could have looked like but gave up because the knob part was too complicated. I still love the idea though and I think it could be handy, especially on mobile where keyboard inputs can be annoying. I think I'll try integrating it again eventually!

Original mockups for the project, the knob might make a comeback 🤔

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